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PASS Summit, Elections for Board of Directors

Ok so it’s been a while since I have blogged about anything mainly due to time constraints but I think I have found something that really requires a blog post. 

The SQL Server PASS Summit starts on Wednesday of next week.  For some of us it starts on Monday because of Pre-Con’s.  If you happen to be a PASS volunteer it started in September of last year when we started planning for the summit.  At this Summit all summit attendees will have the chance to vote for new Board of Directors.  I was in the election last year and was not elected but was offered an appointment spot last year so I have spent the last year as a Board of director.  The following are the list of candidates this year that you will have to choose from( I stole this from Tjays post so it still has links to their blog posts)

  • Andy Warren
  • Douglas McDowell
  • Louis Davidson
  • Lynda Rab
  • Pat Wright
  • Thomas LaRock

    So what point am I getting at here besides to Re-message what is already being said?  My point here is one of concern.  First off I’m not asking for your vote in this blog post. I’m speaking as a PASS Board of director over volunteers which is my current role.  If there’s one thing I learned from spending the last year on the Board is that it doesn’t matter whether I think CLR is good or not in the db.  As a matter of fact I have yet to write a single select statement since working for the board,  I have not checked a backup ,  I have not re-written a cursor.  What I have done is wrote documentation,  managed volunteers,  communicated, communicated,  and communicated some more.  It is important for all Board members to know the community and what the community wants that means they are most likely experts in their field but that doesn’t mean they have to be.  When you are at the summit this week asking the candidates questions don’t worry about how they would re-write your SQL function.  Worry about what they can do for your community.  PASS can do a lot for your community and for you as a PASS volunteer.  Let’s make sure we hold them to that.  I as a Board member and a volunteer would expect nothing less. 

    Oh and most importantly.  Vote.