Monthly Archives: May 2008

Vista remote Desktop

So I’ve been one of the few early adopters of Vista on my desktop machine at work. I know many may have it on their laptop or other machines but for me it’s my primary work machine. Its been solid in that respect on this computer except two major issues.

1. I could not RDP into it from my XP laptop. This was a huge problem since I do a great deal of work remotely and I do not like to copy it all down to my laptop machine. I have found the fix for this though! I did a search and found this blog article on the same issue.

For me the last setting on the network sharing option was the lynch pin. It errored when i tried to change the setting but it still took the RDP checkbox inside there so I can now finally RDP into my desktop machine!

2. The second issue is different. For whatever reason one set of systems that I try and hit from my vista machine the network access is 2-3 times slower than hitting it with my laptop. I usually get 20-30ms ping times to this set of Ip’s. On my laptop I get maybe 1-2ms to the same set. We still haven’t figured this one out but hopefully soon. 🙂

Point to note I am not as of yet on sp2 I plan to install it but have not had time. 🙂


So I obviously haven’t had time to keep up on my blog and i’m sure I don’t have a ton of readers but hey I figured I would ask myself this question as much as my readers.

Do Challenges that are presented to you keep you up at night? Personally if someone presents me with a DB problem or a Challenge I usually start rolling it around in my head and don’t stop until i come up with several options. I may or may not write answers to it but I still take my mind down the path to the answers. I was presented with a Challenge recently a real big challenge that I’m still thinking about. I know their are other people out there like me I work with several of them. 🙂 I personally think if life isn’t challenging it’s not worth living. I suggest to everyone to take a challenge every once in a while and see what answers you come up with. 🙂