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Code Camp Speaker Announcement

Once Again the Code Camp is coming up which means my life is very busy. Here is the official Speaker call. Registration is also open at

April 26th 2008
Neumont University
Salt Lake City, UT
Code Camp is a one day free training for all developers of any technologies to attend and learn from their peers. We are looking for Speakers to present at this event. All topics are open for discussion and all formats. The sessions would be 45 Minutes long with a 10-15 minute QA time at the end of the session ( total 1 hour). This will be an all day event we plan to go from 9:00-5:00. You don’t need to be present the whole day but we would love to have you around for questions from users or to see the other great content of the code camp.
We are looking for 100-150 people to attend the code camp. We will have 3 tracks running all throughout the day (3 sessions going on at once). There might be a chance to do your presentation twice depending on demand.
You must bring your own notebook for your presentation. There will be a room on site for speaker prep during the day of the Code Camp.
Any code samples you show should be made available for download from Code Camp web site. (
We are not covering travel or expenses for speakers, but you will receive a great big THANK YOU. A Cool Polo Shirt also!
If you’re interested please submit a session title, abstract, and bio Email to pwright@medicity.comPlease put Code Camp Speaker In the subject.


Code Trip Event

Well the Giant bus has come and gone to SLC. We had a great event on March 7th when Tim and his bunch came to town. I would like to thank Tim and all the speakers that are riding around america on the bus. Here’s a few pics from the Bus. Come back anytime guys! You can keep track of these guys or find more information at

Mountains of Snow to greet you on your first stop. What happens when an MVP gets in front of an MS bus. 🙂

Thank you Vanna(Craig) For displaying the Bus for us.